Apr 17th, '24: Alert showers make analysts sour... no longer with Salem!


Just like the symphony of birds chirping this Spring, your cybersecurity alerts can sometimes get a bit too noisy. That's why we're budding with excitement to introduce two new features in Salem v1.8 to help you manage your cyber alert notifications:

  • Chat Preferences: Plant the seeds of your ideal notification setup. Decide whether you want notifications in 1-on-1 Salem chats, in group channels, or both, and watch your alert overload wither away. Now you can make sure you are always notified of threats in your preferred setup.

  • Notification Pause: Need a moment of digital peace? Salem will now temporarily pause notifications during times of elevated activity, giving you room to breathe (and tackle those critical threats).

Let your cybersecurity alerts bloom into a manageable and informative experience!

✨ New

Chat Preferences: Take control of your notifications

Reduce distractions and customize how Salem notifies you of likely threats. Fine-tune your notification settings to receive alert notifications in 1-on-1 chats or choose to send notifications to group chats to coordinate your incident response. Salem is designed to cut down on the noise, and now you can make sure your notification’s sing with Chat Preferences!

Notification Pauses: Find moments of peace

Need a break from the digital chatter? Our "Notification Pause" feature temporarily pauses alert notifications when things get hectic, giving you the space to focus. Easily customize which alert notifications are paused to fit your needs and stay on top of important security events.

➕ Improved

  • Upgraded to LTS-compatible packages

  • Shortened threat reprocessing time

  • Improved user interface for creating webhooks

  • Added third-party integration with CrowdStrike

🔧 Fixed

  • Enhanced error handling for deleted alerts

  • Fixed use case-specific alert parsing

  • Improved webhook processing resiliency

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