Jan 31, '24: New year, new me... and a new way to extract data from your alerts

Salem v.1.6

While many are hitting the gym and kale smoothies, the Salem team has been busy crushing our own resolution: making Salem the ultimate virtual assistant for cybersecurity teams. And let's just say, this update's more "Rocky I" than "Rocky IV". Here's the lowdown:

Smarter than ever: Salem's brain just got a major upgrade! Our new threat analysis model broadens Salem's knowledge of the threat landscape. Users can now build even more granular context around alerts, unlocking greater flexibility and precision in alert analysis.

Questions, revamped: Asking Salem about alerts just got smoother. Streamlined questioning helps you guide Salem's learning even faster, making it your personalized cyber teammate.

Extract Field: Get ready for some magic! Our new "Extract Field" feature lets you create custom fields from alert details with just a few clicks. Now, Salem will process alerts exactly the way you want, every single time.

So, ditch the resolution blues and upgrade your cybersecurity game with Salem v.1.6.0. We promise, it's the only workout you'll need to feel totally secure and ridiculously awesome.

✨ New

It's no secret that alert data can be messy. Analysts often have to wrangle data from multiple sources, in inconsistent formats, before they can even start to analyze it. That's where "Extract Field" comes in.

This powerful new feature lets you quickly and easily extract the data you need, right within Salem. And the best part? Salem will learn to apply your extraction methods to future alerts, saving you time and effort.

See how Rocky's squad tackles an ill-formatted alert, pulling out critical port info to size up the network threat.

"It's not about how hard you can hit," Rocky says. "It's about how hard you can get hit, how much you can take, and keep moving forward." And with Salem's "Extract Field" feature, you can always get back up and fight the good fight against messy data.

➕ Improved

  • New model deployment

  • Updated wording of investigation questions

  • Ask Salem design improvements

  • Expanded breadcrumbs and card navigation

🔧 Fixed

  • Redundant notifications from alert reprocessing

  • Questions now appear as intended

  • Redundant context labels capture

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