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Admin Guide

  • Access Control
  • Configure Salem
  • Troubleshoot
Salem uses Role Based Access Control (RBAC) to authorize activity. Currently, there are three roles:
Read only access to Salem
React to Salem alerts, incidents and questions
View and manage Salem configurations in chat
To create new user roles, refer to the Salem Quickstart guide
Access to Salem Azure application is controlled via the IAM functionality in the Azure Portal. From the Azure portal, you can view the Salem-managed application and the Salem-managed resource group. You have limited access to make changes to the Salem managed resource group. Review the configuration section of this document for more details

Configure Salem

There are three types of Salem configurations
Alert Configurations
These configuration control how Salem processes alerts, incidents and questions. Alert Configurations can generally be scoped to specific alerts by source, alert name, and or disposition
System Configurations
System configurations control various Salem processing, but can't be scoped to specific alert scenarios
Azure App Configurations
Azure app configures generally relate to network configurations that allow Salem to connect to various systems both inside and outside your organization
There are 4 types of configuration files currently supported by Salem:
Each file is in JSON format and can be viewed and updated via Salem Chat. To view configurations, type 'configure' in the Salem Chat window. To make changes to configurations, type 'update conf' in the Salem Chat window.
System configurations can be viewed and updated from the Azure Portal. They can be found in the app configuration resource within the Salem managed resource group. Access to this object requires IAM permissions associated with the Salem managed application. You can find the name of the managed resource group from the overview tab of the Salem managed application.
Owners and contributors of the Salem managed application will have access to update some settings for resources in the Salem managed resource group. These settings include:
  • Vnet Peering
  • Vnet DNS configuration
  • App Configuration Keys (for the app configuration resource)
  • Event Hub IP network rules
Additionally, you have read permissions over every resource which allows you to implement Azure Policies to monitor changes in Salem resource settings.
Salem Azure Application leverages an Azure Application Insights resource, found in the Azure managed resource group in the Azure Portal. Access to the Application Insights resource requires Owner or Contributor role access for the Azure Managed Application.
Application insights has useful information regarding Salem performance and errors. Your Salem support contact also has access to this resource and can assist in troubleshooting Salem errors.