Managing Questions

Questions are the backbone that keeps Salem's world spinning. Salem needs these to learn what to alert the user about.

Clicking the "Help Salem Learn" button will bring up the question card menu. Depending on the question received, you should be able to answer accordingly.

Note: Admin users do have custom questions assigned to them, and as such, will experience a similar, although differing, experience.

Behind the scenes, Salem uses this information to better counter-act cyber-terrorism. It's always best to have an eye out!

From the metrics card, you'll be able to see the amounts of questions and answers asked.

Simply click the "Actions" and then "Metrics" from the main menu. Impossibly easy!

Questions can be filtered in a similar way to alerts through the admin menu. The option can be found under "Actions" in the admin menu.

  1. Clicking the previously stated button will open a few options: ✦ All the Above must be removed to add any filters. ✧ Consummation declares whether a question is unanswered or not. ✦ Type declares the type of question. Currently, there are eight questions. ✧ Role declares the role associated. ✦ If no filter is selected, including "All of the Above", the filter simply will not be used.

  2. Clicking "Filter Questions" will enable the filters.

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