Mar 5, '24: They're after me (and your) secure systems! We're na-tur-ally suspicious

Salem v.1.7

🌈 This St. Patrick's Day, Salem's got a pot of gold for your SOC! Introducing Salem v.1.7, where we've added a dash of 🍀 Irish luck 🍀 with our brand-new "Learning Pipeline" feature. With this upgrade, we've turbocharged Salem's ability to absorb business knowledge from users across the platform. We've taken a close look at every learning opportunity to ensure that each nugget of wisdom is precisely tailored and applied to alerts, resulting in sharper situational awareness and more accurate predictions than ever before. You'll be amazed at how Salem can spot threats quicker than you can say "le-pre-chaun"!

Take v1.7 for a spin today and witness firsthand how Salem becomes more intelligent with every question answered, threat detected, and resource identified. If you're not a customer yet and you're feeling lucky, reach out to get your own pot of gold-en knowledge from Salem - we'd love to hear from you!

✨ New

We're thrilled to introduce the "Learning Pipeline" feature in Salem v.1.7! Salem now learns from every interaction across the platform, extending our learning capabilities even further. In addition, Salem intelligently asks follow-up questions regardless of the number or type of knowledge input by users to gain deeper knowledge about entities and alerts. It will even tailor its learning style depending on how a piece of knowledge is known or looked up by a security team.

Looking ahead, we plan to further refine this process. Salem will better anticipate which learnings to prioritize for follow-up questions, delivering a more seamless and personalized experience for knowledge capture.

➕ Improved

  • The Context Manager and Question List cards were redesigned for clarity

  • Knowledge management improvements for removing previous answers and associated learnings

  • Wording improvements for user questions

🔧 Fixed

  • Resolved issue with context configurations preventing context labels from being added to alerts when processed

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